Looking for distributors of  FMCG?
Not sure where to start?
How to understand if your price is competitive, maybe you should lower it or increase it?
Want to clearly know how the pricing "on the shelf" made,  in the various categories?
How best way to express yourself in the market?
Need to open a representative office / trading house or a branch in Kazakhstan?
Where to store and how to certify products in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union?
Want to find out information about competitors in your field?
Want to get an assessment of the potential of your products in the Republic of Kazakhstan?
Contact us for advice,


We will help you to clearly understand the potential of your product in the market of Kazakhstan:

  • We will do all the calculations on the formation of prices “on the shelf” for your products
  • Analyze the structure of the market and competitors in your segment
  • We will help you to choose the most optimal market entry strategy.
  • We will show all the technical issues and pitfalls for the launch of new products
  • We will provide services from Brand and label verification to the service of the “Trading House”


We offer you to determine the attractiveness and potential of your product within Kazakhstani market, for this we will carry out a detailed research for:

  • In which categories and at what price are similar products sold? Categories A, B +, BC, HoReCa, wholesale markets;
  • What companies are your competitors, and in what categories they are represented.
  • What will be your net cost at the local warehouse (calculation from production to the shelf price in various categories, including logistics, customs clearance, certification)
  • Evaluation by our experts your products’potential in comparison with competitors. Creation of the optimal strategy for the product promotion within the market. Expert opinion of a specialist.
  • Tasting analysis on the focus group (comparative analysis in the table compared to competitors according to the main characteristics of the product)
  • Optionally check the manufacturer's label for compliance with the requirements of TR CU (technical regulations of the Customs Union), if necessary, provision of the correct version of the label.

Detailed report provision(a number of tables in Excel and covering letter, photo,prices, etc.). If necessary, our managers will answer all the questions on the report information.